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ImpAACt Sponsors

The ImpAACt Sponsorship Program: Become an ImpAACt Sponsor by donating in increments of $300 to cover our program's monthly expenses. Your generosity has the potential to make a big impact. We believe in the basic human right to communicate with loved ones and our communities.


You can help us continue to support, empower, and connect AAC users by fully funding our 2024 programs through our Year-End Fundraiser.


Your gift - in any amount - is priceless. Join the movement and give back.

ImpAACt Sponsors benefit:


  • Prominently featured on the next ImpAACt Voices quarterly eNewsletter, web page, and social media sites.


  • The sponsor/team or the organization name, logo, site link, and description of your organization published on the ImpAACt Voices website for 12 months​

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