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Board of Directors

Jessica Ingle



Jessica Ingle is an Army veteran and homeschool mom. She previously supported military families with children with disabilities through the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) advisory board, and Texas Center for Disability Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. 


As a disabled Army veteran and a mother of a child with significant disabilities and complex communication needs, Jessica is passionate about helping others with any disability. ImpAACt Voices was founded to encourage and support the Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) community. 


Jessica resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and daughter and holds a degree in General Studies from Central Texas College.

Lance McLemore

Board Secretary

Lance McLemore IV Live .jpg

Lance McLemore has been using AAC for about 12 years. He got his first high tech communication aid whilst in university. Since getting access to AAC, his world has greatly expanded. His current language system is LAMP Words for Life on an Accent 1000, which he received in 2016.


He graduated from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a BA in studio art and philosophy. He still makes art in various media: drawing, painting, and fiber art. 

He currently works as an ambassador for the Prentke Romich Company and the Center for AAC and Autism. He attends AAC camps, workshops, conferences, schools, and universities to talk about and advocate for greater use and acceptance of AAC. His most important message is to remind people that the purpose of AAC is to make it easier to form relationships and increase inclusion in all spheres of life.

Miguel Ingle



Miguel Ingle is a retired U.S. Army officer and parent of a child with significant disabilities and complex communication needs. He currently works as the president and CEO of a management and consulting firm with experience in the financial services industry, PE/VC investment firms, banking, and BIG 4 accounting firms. Miguel holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Liberty University and an MBA in accounting and finance from Florida Institute of Technology.

Chris Klein

Team Member


Chris Klein has been using AAC for 42 years. He has been advocating for that long too and continues to be an advocate. Chris was given his first AAC device when he was six years old. It opened up doors for him to be mainstreamed, which opened doors for him to go on to college. 


Chris holds a degree in kinesiology and a minor in business from Hope College. He has a Masters of Divinity from Western Theological Seminary. Over the last fifteen years, Chris has been trying to help the AAC community develop a voice, improve support, and help move the promise of living life to the fullest forward. 


Chris is excited to serve and be part of ImpAACt Voices, an organization with a clear vision and mission. Chris is dedicated to the work that ImpAACt Voices continues to do in moving the needle forward in many different areas of AAC.

Michael Fondacaro

Team Member

Michael Fondacaro

Michael Fondacaro has been using an AAC device since he was 5 years old. He has been an advocate for disability since he realized how he can reach out and help educate others through his life experiences. This led him to create his business “Beyond the Chair", in which he spreads the idea that disability doesn't define a person. 


Michael has an associate’s degree in business from Bergen Community College. With his experience, Michael has been helping other AAC users learn to communicate better with their devices, and teaching them that using a device to talk can be fun. 


Michael is a volunteer at ImpAACt Voices, wanting to help other people realize that communicating with a device is not only fun but also informative. 

Stephanie Fassov

Team Member

Stephanie Fassov.png

Stephanie Fassov earned her master's degree in Communication Studies at San Jose State University in May 2021. She specializes in cultural communication of people with significant mobility and communicative differences and their autonomy, independence, and sense of self. Rather than focusing on language and access methods, she hones in on the relationships between the AAC communicators and their support systems. As Stephanie is a full-time, lifelong AAC communicator, she presents her research nationally, and she started an organization that offers coaching and consulting to those who have AAC needs, their families, and the professionals who support these individuals. 


Stephanie is from Silicon Valley, and she and her wife now live in Sacramento, CA. They have a sassy cat and happy dog. They enjoy their time together, binge watching, having deep conversations, discussing books, and playing with their fur babies.  


Stephanie is excited to continue to work with AAC communicators.

Anthony Arnold

Team Member

Anthony Arnold 1-18_edited.jpg

Anthony Arnold is an augmentative and alternative communicator from San Tan Valley, Arizona (formerly from Grand Forks, North Dakota). Anthony has always had a deep desire for communication, and to express himself. Before getting introduced to communication boards, he used to use objects in his immediate environment. Anthony credits his family and friends for seeing this and fostering his development for becoming the advanced communicator he is today. 


Anthony was one of the first communication device users in North Dakota in the 1980s. Therefore, he often says he learned right along with the professionals. There was a lot of trial by error back in those days, which has inspired Anthony until this day. 


After seeing how much independence he gained with his communication device(s), Anthony wanted to start giving back. Therefore, he went to work for PRC-Saltillo (a manufacturer of speech-generated devices). Over the past 25 years, Anthony has helped thousands of device users reach their full potential. 


Anthony is happy to be given the chance to further his AAC journey with ImpAACt Voices! With newer techniques and technologies getting introduced on a regular basis, now is the time to be empowered!

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